Healing Solidarity Conference

admin • 27 August 2018


September 17-21, 2018



Are you working in international development but sometimes feel out of integrity with your values?
Exhausted by your work in the international development and aid sector and wondering how you can 
more effectively take care of yourself?
Feel that the current structures & pressures in international development detract
from the kind of solidarity you really want to be a part of?

This free online conference will envision how international development can be re-imagined 
& ask the critical question of how we heal ourselves, both from the inequity in our practice and the
working practices that overwhelm and exhaust us.

Register to Attend @  https://healingsolidarity.org/

What we’ll explore 

What it means to be practitioners with integrity, responsive to the people whom we serve, whilst allowing
 our values to stay intact.
How to identify and disrupt the ways in which our sector manifests the things we abhor; colonial attitudes, 
racism, corporate structures.
What it means to address our wellbeing and be self-reflective as practitioners.
How we can build just cultures in organisations, communities and initiatives which create the collective care we crave


Schedule – Healing Solidarity Conference


Be sure to check your email every day for that day's access link for the talks.

Mark Healing Solidarity emails (from maryann@healingsolidarity.org) as safe/favourite and drag them to your Inbox from Promotions if you're a Gmail user to ensure you see them.

First here’s a few more details about how the conference will work:

  • It runs September 17th-21st.
  • Each day of the conference you will receive a daily email with links to see the talks of the day & to access the daily workbook. Talks will be available for free for 48 hours, beginning at 8am East African Time (10.30 am IST, 9 am CST, 6 am BST, 1 am EST)
  • You can watch them as many times as you'd like in that 48-hour window. Then, those talks will be removed and you will receive a new email with the next day's talks.
  • You'll also receive the daily workbook. The workbook will offer key ideas from each session and challenging, interesting questions and prompts to help you reflect on the conversations we’ll be having during the conference.
  • We will also be reflecting together in The Healing Solidarity Conference Facebook Group.
  • The Facebook Group is also where Live Practices will take place during the week of the conference so make sure you join that if you haven't already by clicking on the link above to enable you to participate in those.

Grab a printer-friendly version of the schedule. Highlight, doodle, and create your way to the talks you most want to see.

Jennifer Lentfer


Topics include: bringing our hearts, acknowledging harm, staying hopeful

Jessica Horn


Topics include: well-being, vicarious trauma, feminist approaches

Judithe Registre


Topics include: race in development, Haiti, whose stories we are listening too?

Fredrick Ouko


Topics include: partnership, funding, philanthropy and relationships
12 pm BST Live practice with Mary Ann Clements: Bringing our Hearts to our Work

Swatee Deepak


Topics include: philanthropy, flexible funding, well-being & self-care

Gemma Houldey


Topics include: stress, well-being & the idea of the 'perfect humanitarian'

Pontso Mafethe


Topics include: funding, feminism, power & the idea of the 'happy native'

Tina Wallace

Topics include: corporatisation & projectisation, challenging power and finding alternatives
12 pm BST Live practice with Agnes Otzelburger: 'Just Like Me' a practice to take action against our tendency towards 'Othering'
4pm BST Live Practice with Shawna Wakefield, Gender justice advocate, feminist leadership and org change consultant & trauma-informed yoga teacher


Topics include: funding grassroots initiatives, feminist approaches & self-care

Kate Werning


Topics include: burnout, healing, questioning constant urgency & taking the long-view

Eunice Baguma Ball


Topics include: innovation, entrepreneurship, technology & philanthropy

Tobias Denskus


Topics include: participation, development communications & de-colonisation
12 pm BST Live practice with Mary Ann Clements (details coming soon)
4pm BST Live Practice with Kate Werning, Organiser and Creator and Host of Healing Justice Podcast

Nomvula Dlamini


Topics include: community-led development, humanising our processes and cultures in organisations

Deborah Doane


Topics include: power imbalances, inequitable decision-making, #AidToo & doing things differently

Marion Osieyo


Topics include: the importance of relationships to addressing inequity and why it is OK not to know.
12 pm BST Live practice with Agnes Otzelburger 'Exploring Your Money Story'
4pm BST Live Practice with Mary Ann Clements (details coming soon)

Angela Bruce Raeburn


Topics include: race & development, the absence of an ethic of care and the need for our organisations to be more representative

Wanja Muguongo


Topics include: peer-led funding mechanisms, philanthropy, movements and more equitable decision making
Lisa VeneKlasen

Topics include: feminism, power, patriarchy, capitalism, racism and 'cowboy' tendencies in INGOs
12pm: Closing Session with Mary Ann Clements who will share a few thoughts and invite questions over a lunch hour on the last day of the conference
The Healing Solidarity Conference 2018 begins Sept 17th. Register for the conference to see the talks for free. You'll also gain access to the private Facebook group and receive free daily mini workbooks each day of the conference.

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