DSAI Groups

DSA Ireland Study Groups are open to all DSA Ireland members.  Study Groups are an opportunity for members to link with those who have an interest in the same research area in international development.

DSA Ireland currently runs seven groups: civil society; child health; education; gender; humanitarian action; nutrition and water.  Each group is run by a Convenor with experience and/or expertise in that area.

Civil Society Study Group
The Civil Society Study Group brings together both NGO and academic interests to address some of the critical challenges facing NGOs as they move towards the next development paradigm, beyond the Millennium Development Goals. 

Child Health Study Group
The Child Health Study Group, co-hosted with the Irish Forum for Global Health aims to be an active forum for the exchange of ideas between those working or studying in the field of child health globally.

Education Study Group
The Education Study Group brings together both academic and NGO interests to address education issues in the context of international development.

Gender Study Group
The Gender Study Group of the DSA Ireland is a multidisciplinary initiative that aims to provide a forum for researchers, academics and NGOs with an interest in the relationship between gender and development.

Humanitarian Action Study Group

The Humanitarian Action Study Group brings together both scholars and practitioners of humanitarian action to share knowledge, expertise and experience in the areas of humanitarian action.

Adaptive Programming Study Group

Development is complex and although the agenda has been in place since the second World War, there is no science that clearly outlines how to do development. One of the main reasons for this is that genuine development progress is not linear. It does not have a clearly defined causal pathway that can be measured with a standardised system because there are too many variables at play. These variables range from history to the political system, from conflict over resources to GDP, from social norms and behaviours to geographical vulnerabilities and so on, making for a very multifaceted and ever-changing environment. Read more.

Information, Technology and Development (ICT4D) Study Group

ICT4D (information & communications technology for development) broadly refers to the application of technology toward social, political, cultural, economic, and environmental development in low-income and low-resource settings. The emphasis is on helping poor and marginalized people and communities, primarily in the Global South.  Amongst the main aims of ICT4D are the use of technology to deliver a greater good, to improve healthcare provision, to provide more equitable access to ICT, and to aid international development by extending the benefits of technology more widely in society to mitigate the negative effects of the digital divide. Read more

Postgraduate Study Group/Network

Postgraduate researchers are a key constituency in the growth of DSA Ireland, and in the growth of a dynamic and informed development sector more broadly.

Study groups activities often include:

  • Occasional seminars/workshops focused on new research
  • Collaborative projects on key thematic areas
  • Conducting research and supporting new research initiatives
  • Engaging in dialogue with other researchers and practitioners
  • Participating in thematic sessions as part of the programme of events at the DSA Ireland Annual Conference

Study Groups grow organically within DSA Ireland, based on interest of members.  Join the DSAI today and contribute to the valuable work of study groups.