Conference 2019

The DSAI Annual Conference will take place on 14-15th November 2019 at the Marino Institute of Education. 


The 2019 Conference Theme is (En)gendering Development: Research to Policy and Practice

Development is a contested concept, which is increasingly coming under strain as result of the rise of ultra-nationalism around the world, the existential threat posed by climate change and processes of securitisation. In order for it to be reinvigorated it needs new forms of praxis which are more socially and gender equitable. Only through its reconceptualization and reoperationalization can it become sustainable.

This conference explores the ways in which this might happen, with a particular focus on the need for community, and in particular women’s, inclusion in processes of socio-economic change. Women are disproportionately affected by poverty due to gender constructs which serve to deprive them of their opportunity for development. We invite papers dealing with all fields and aspects of development for the conference.

The keynotes for the conference will be Professor Naila Kabeer of the London School of Economics and Professor Stephanie Barrientos of the University of Manchester who will focus on gendered aspects of socio-economic restructuring in the Global South.

Registration costs for the DSAI Annual Conference includes annual DSAI membership. 

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