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Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review  is a bi-annual, peer reviewed, open access journal published by the Centre for Global Education and funded by Irish Aid. Launched in 2005, Policy and Practice has a growing international readership.  In 2017, the journal web site received 150,000 visitors from 150 countries with particularly high numbers of readers located in Britain, Germany, Ireland and North America, and - in the global South - Brazil, The Philippines and India. The journal aims to celebrate and promote good practice in development education and to debate the shifting policy context in which it is delivered.

Issue 27 of Policy and Practice is on the theme ‘Rethinking Critical Approaches to Global and Development Education’ and argues that critical approaches to education are rooted in the Freirean tradition of critical pedagogy and for decades have pushed back against mainstream liberal – and more recently neoliberal - approaches.  

Critical pedagogy remains as important today as it ever was and has fostered fruitful strategies for challenging the presumed inevitability of capitalism as an economic system, and resisting its influence on education systems.   As Guest Editor, Sharon Stein, suggests: ‘It has also been the subject of feminist, post-colonial, and post-structural engagements that consider its potential limitations and circularities alongside its potentially transformative gifts’.  Stein argues that there ‘is much value in reframing and reclaiming critical traditions in order to consider their implications for our own time’ and the contributors to this issue of the journal have sought to do that.  For example, Gertrude Cotter and  Eilish Dillon have revisited critical pedagogy in their ‘distinct but complementary contributions’ in the context of the development education sector in Ireland.  But rather than debate a particular tradition of critique, Stein’s Editorial takes a ‘step back’ and considers ‘whether any single arsenal of educational tools – including liberal and critical approaches – can adequately equip us to respond generatively, strategically, and ethically to the complex local and global challenges that we currently face’. She argues that ‘it is crucial that we prepare students with the self-reflexivity, intellectual curiosity, historical memory, and deep sense of responsibility they will need in order to collectively navigate an uncertain future for which there are no clear roadmaps’.  

Issue 27 and the full Policy and Practice archive is available at: www.developmenteducationreview.com. Please share it with colleagues and on social media. 

Guest Editorial

Rethinking Critical Approaches to Global and Development Education
Sharon Stein

Critical History Matters: Understanding Development Education in Ireland Today through the Lens of the Past
Eilish Dillon
Illuminating the Exploration of Conflict through the Lens of Global Citizenship Education 
 Benjamin Mallon
Justice Dialogue for Grassroots Transition
Eilish Rooney

Supporting Schools to Teach about Refugees and Asylum-Seekers 
Liz Hibberd

Empowering more Proactive Citizens through Development Education: The Results of Three Learning Practices Developed in Higher Education 
             Sandra Saúde, Ana Paula Zarcos & Albertina Raposo
Nailing our Development Education Flag to the Mast and Flying it High 
Gertrude Cotter
Global Education can Foster the Vision and Ethos of Development Education of Catholic Secondary Schools in Ireland 
Anne Payne
Joining the Dots: Connecting Change, Post-Primary Development Education, Initial Teacher Education and an Inter-Disciplinary Cross-Curricular Context
Nigel Quirke-Bolt and Gerry Jeffers


The Communist Manifesto: Lessons for Development Education
Stephen McCloskey 

Global Citizenship Education: A Critical Introduction to Key Concepts and Debates 
Review by Douglas Bourn
Critical Human Rights, Citizenship and Democracy Education: Entanglements and Regenerations 
Review by Linda Briskman
Global Education Policy and International Development: New Agendas, Issues and Policies 
Review by Patsy Toland
Palestine: A Century on from the Balfour Declaration 
Review by Stephen McCloskey

Policy and Practice Issue 28: Call for Contributors

The Development, Conflict and Security Nexus: Theory and Practice 

The Centre for Global Education is inviting contributions to Issue 28 of our bi-annual, open access, peer-reviewed journal Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review.  This issue will explore the intersection of international development, conflict and security through a Development Education lens.  Conflict is estimated to account for over three quarters of humanitarian need and forced displacement and now affects nearly 70 million people.  The complex inter linkage between development, conflict, and security is becoming a pressing issue for global governance and the implementation of international human rights law. According to a 2018 joint report by the United Nations and the World Bank titled Pathways for Peace: Inclusive Approaches for Preventing Violent Conflict, more countries experienced violent conflict in 2016 than at any time in almost 30 years. It is estimated that by 2030 nearly two thirds of the extremely poor will live in conditions of conflict and endemic violence.
Issue 28 of Policy and Practice is calling for contributions focusing on the securitisation of development, the increasing numbers of conflict situations, and their effects on society, people, democracy and world stability. We are particularly looking at how conflict is approached through education, particularly Development Education and related sectors such as Human Rights Education and Peace Education.  We are also interested in research focused on the role that education can play in areas vulnerable to conflict or addressing legacy issues in post-conflict societies.  We invite contributions examining existing mechanisms to resolve conflicts such as the Sustaining Peace Agenda, Inclusive Peace, SDG16, and at how integrating violence reduction strategies and peacebuilding into humanitarian programmes is carried out.

Authors interested in submitting an article should send a 300 word précis to journal editor, Stephen McCloskey, email: stephen@centreforglobaleducation.com. The submission date for commissioned articles is Friday, 14 December 2018.
There are four kinds of article published in Policy and Practice.  Focus articles are peer reviewed, between 3,500 and 6,000 words, and have a strong critical analysis of their topic. The second is a Perspectives article which is 2,500 – 5,000 words in length and is normally more descriptive, addressing an aspect of practice in any relevant aspects of DE. Viewpoint articles are designed to provoke debate on a given topic and more subjective in the presentation of their argument.  Resource review articles are 1,000-2,000 words in length and offer an opinion of a new book, film, teaching resource or online site on development issues.
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