Welcome from the Chair

We begin 2021 as a new year. Full of possibilities. This year is a moment, or ‘a portal between worlds’ which offers us a chance to break with the past and imagine our world anew.

NM 2021We at DSAI are rustling up innovative and alternative visions of ‘doing development’ in the backdrop of multi-pandemics including COVID19, racism, and more importantly, the climate crisis. We are encouraged by President Higgins’ passionate plea to be activist, interventionist and innovative, as well as demonstrate ecological responsibility because ‘the time has long passed for debate on the science, useless apportionments of blame, or idle comparisons’!

Our vibrant study groups plan to continue their collaborations locally, nationally, and internationally to take the debate on ‘development’ beyond borders. As such we continue to weave a rich tapestry of knowledge and experience of development practice across creed and colour in all our forums including discussion papers, reports, working papers, seminars and workshops. Watch this space!

Our 2020 annual conference titled Humanitarianism in Action brought together academics, development practitioners, students and policy makers from across the globe, both North and South. Keynote addresses by Professor Dorothea Hilhorst and Prof Ruben Anderson were complimented by in-depth discussions in our study group sessions which were buzzing with path-breaking and evidence-based research from different parts of the world, including Ireland.

Join us. DSAI membership is free. Get involved.

Have your say on how we can support and act upon the Irish Dream of creating a Better World at this crucial juncture of International Development when Ireland sits at the United Nations Security Council. Engage critically with us to re-define the contours of Development Studies! Is it going to be a Cinderella or a Circular economy, use an Eco-Social model or Raworth’s Doughnut, decolonial or a Pluriverse? Or can we argue for it all? To facilitate constructive dialogues leading to developmental transformation, reflexive research and practice, we need ‘troublemakers’ like you and me.

Nita Mishra