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MA in International Relations

Queen's University Belfast

Level Postgrad Diploma / Masters (level 9)
Duration 1 year (full-time), 3 years (part-time)
Contact Person Dr Ronit Berger Hobson

This programme provides a foundation in the academic discipline of International Relations - the array of ‘real world’ practices and problems that produce world politics. Having introduced the theoretical and methodological components which facilitate our study of the field, the aim is to use these tools to examine, explain and understand the issues and processes that make up our world: looking, for example, at war; diplomacy; arms control and arms proliferation; global health policy; humanitarian intervention; international development policy; race and legacies of colonialism; human displacement; inequality and injustice. While still attending closely and consistently to traditional issues of world politics such as armed conflict and negotiations, it offers a significantly broader education in international politics by examining contemporary issues of international politics from a multitude of perspectives, both traditional and more critical.

Students are thus able to balance engagement with core content in the field of International Relations with active development of their own areas of specialisation as they progress through choosing elective courses according to their own interests. Among the central aims of the programme is the provision of high-quality methodological and research design training needed to conduct independent research projects to an academically accredited standard. This culminates in the final dissertation stage of the programme. Recent students' dissertation topics have included: Jihadi use of social media; Russian foreign and security policy after the Ukraine conflict; Extreme right-wing terrorism and the internet; Russian private military actors; EU defence policy after BREXIT; Baltic security and the future of NATO; Paramilitarism and the Northern Irish border; Indian defence and security in relation to rising China; The limits of ‘truth and reconciliation’ in conflict resolution.

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