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Msc Environmental Engineering

Queen's University Belfast

Level Postgrad Diploma / Masters (level 9)
Duration 1 year (full-time), 2 years (part-time)
Contact Person Dr Ulrich Ofterdinger

Environmental Engineers work at the interface between the Natural and the Built Environment. Environmental Engineering deals with the Impacts of the Built Environment and Human Activities on the Natural Environment and vice versa.

The Programme provides the Technical Understanding of these Interactions across the Engineering and Environmental Sciences and develops your Practical Skills to Characterise and Monitor these key Processes and to find Solutions to address these Challenges.

In doing so, Environmental Engineering is key to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to finding and implementing Solutions to Mitigate and to Adapt to Climate Change.

Environmental Engineering is a broad discipline which is accessible to those from many different backgrounds. The Programme offers a wide variety of elective modules across Environmental Engineering to suit your particular interests.

The Programme provides the opportunities for a career in the environmental, consultancy, regulatory, management, and engineering industry at home or abroad

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