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Business, sustainability and sustainable development - making progress?   


Business SG April 21

When: Thursday April 29th, 2021, 2:30-4:30 (Irish GMT)

Registration: To register and receive zoom link to attend please email



The opportunity and triple challenge of our time is exactly on how to build shriving businesses and economic activity which support the flourishing of people and communities while at same time conserving the environment for the current and future generations. Grappling with this challenge has led in recent times to the adoption of the sustainability agenda and the sustainable development goals as global frameworks to deal with and resolve the challenges. 

Bringing together researchers, industry speakers, policy makers, non-governmental organizations, the academic and the civic community,  the Business and Development symposium 2021 provides an open forum to discuss, learn and reflect on the state of play as to where are the processes of businesses and industry adopting and implementing of sustainability and SDGs frameworks in their local and global contexts.                                

  • Research and academic expert input
  • Business and industry speakers from Ireland and Africa
  •  Q&A and general discussion                                               


Academic and Research

  • Measuring  SDGs and Sustainability  - Prof. Paul Patrick Walsh,  University College Dublin
  • SDGs, Sustainability and Circular Economy - Dr. John Barimo,  University College Cork
  • Sustainability and the international trade systemDr. David Nyaluke,  UCD- Proudly Made in Africa Fellow in Business and Development                       


  • Mr. Joe Keating,  Chief Data Officer, Glantus Ireland
  • Ms. Anisa Nyeru Marketing Manager,  Meru Herbs Company (Kenya)
  • Ms. Atu Upendo Sanga,  NEMC and CEO, Organic Soap Company (Tanzania)
  • Mr. Jumanne Mtambalike, CEO, Sahara Adventures (Tanzania)


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