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IUA 16th General Conference: Relevance and Value of Universities to Future Society



IAU invites its Members and the global higher education community to rethink and reimagine higher education for the future. The Conference will discuss how universities must harness the transformative power of higher education and leverage its ever expanding landscape of knowledge and ideas.  

About the Conference

Facing the future neccessitates overcoming local and global challenges: pandemics and their multifarious consequences, climate change and ecological crisis, the depletion of natural resources, growing social and economic inequality, disruptive technologies and labour markets, loss of human and democratic rights, scepticism of the scientific process. The value and relevance of universities and other higher education institutions (HEIs) also hinges on how they address issues of inequality, intolerance, xenophobia, racism, social injustice, human rights violations, the possibility of ecological collapse and weakening democracy.

The IAU 16th General Conference will debate how the higher education sector can engage in a meaningful and system-wide discussion on these issues. What are new models and strategies of engagement across the sector and at local, national regional and global level to better cooperate and synergise resources?

More information including full programme and registration available on the conference webpages here

The Role of Universities in Development Cooperation and Promoting Global Citizenship 

Development Studies Association Ireland is pleased to participate in the conference, sharing information of our activities and supporting dissemination of the work of our members through our Policy Briefs, Working Papers, Awards and other Publications. Chair, Dr Nita Mishra also participates as speaker to Thursday's panel discussion: 'The Role of Universities in Development Cooperation and Promoting Global Citizenship', discussing: 

Ireland’s policy for international development, A Better World, commits us to ‘doing things differently’, with regard to research and learning- backed up by our new Global Citizenship Education Strategy. The importance of global citizenship is clearer than ever, as the international community seeks to address the big challenges of our time - be it climate change, inequality or hunger. These challenges are all now unfolding in the new contexts of global pandemic and conflict. Policy makers and practitioners rely on expertise across a range of academic fields. Universities can play a key role in harnessing this expertise. Our panelists will discuss how international development can leverage the expertise and opportunities available to Universities.



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