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Leveraging research and evidence to support humanitarian response to COVID-19



DSAI's Humanitarian Action Study Group is pleased to partner with the Irish Global Health Network on a joint event on the topic of: leveraging research and evidence to support humanitarian response to COVID-19 as part of their weekly webinar series on COVID-19.

This discussion will focus on a range of issues related to evidence and research needs in the context of COVID-19. Against the backdrop of an unprecedented global pandemic, the discussion seeks to facilitate a rapid mapping of evidence and knowledge gaps among humanitarian responders, and key global and public health research priorities for humanitarian response. The discussion aims to identify preliminary priority areas for further data and evidence-gathering, applying learning, and addressing research gaps in order to support effective, coordinated action across humanitarian research and practice. Our speakers will be invited to address the following key questions:

  • What are the knowledge and evidence gaps that humanitarian actors need to fill urgently to respond effectively to, and in the context of, COVID-19?
  • What existing research and practical expertise from past global health crises can be leveraged to improve response and support prevention? and
  • How can operational organisations design humanitarian responses that integrate public health research priorities from the outset and in a coordinated way? 

Speakers to be announced. You can join the live webinar at

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