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Rocking the boat: Do Development Education NGOs adequately critique neoliberalism?


Angel_Jan 23

When: 12:30, Wednesday 25 January

Where: Online - Click here for full detail and to register

This webinar will see ANGEL member and independent consultant Harm-Jan Fricke present and discuss the recent report International Development and Development Education: Challenging the Dominant Economic Paradigm?, commissioned by the Centre for Global Education and Financial Justice Ireland to explore the extent to which the development education/global citizenship education sector is engaging with (and challenging) neoliberalism, the dominant global economic paradigm.

The report explores why the INGO sector appears not to be engaging with the question of neoliberalism in a period of deepening economic crisis when education work with the public on the systemic causes of poverty seems long overdue.

This webinar, which will also feature a short workshop session, aims to explore the importance for the sector of confronting these questions, and what the challenges and opportunities will be in doing so. The report's author will begin with a brief presentation covering the methodology and findings, and afterwards, Stephen McCloskey, Director of the Centre for Global Education, will provide a response. ANGEL Chair Doug Bourn will Chair.

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