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Calling on researchers to help tackle the ongoing global education emergency

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The Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF) has added a COVID-19 emergency window to its recent call for proposals.

In the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered schools in more than 160 countries, leaving more than 1.5 billion children – and 75% of enrolled students – out of school. This has sent many school systems scrambling to prepare materials for remote learning and to adopt new technologies to reach children in their homes.They are largely doing this without much of an evidence base to guide their decisions. Most technologies for remote learning have been tested under ideal conditions, often with small samples of children who have access to a computer and a well-trained instructor and who do not find themselves in the middle of a worldwide health emergency.

Read full blog post - Alaka Holla, Cristobal Cobo,  2020/03/30

Read more information about the call here

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