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Centre for Global Education’s Annual Report 2019

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CGE Reoprt 2019

The Centre for Global Education (CGE) have published their Annual Report 2019.  The report carries details of CGE activities over the past year including: 

  • Year one of their new schools’ programme called Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning which supports Teacher ProfessionalLearning and International School Partnerships; the continued publication of the Centre’s flagship publication,
  • Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review;
  • The delivery of a development education programme for children traumatised by conflict and poverty in the Gaza Strip, Palestine;
  • The compilation of research on the impact of the war in Syria on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Syria. [See also DSAI Working Paper published]

The Centre has also started a new development education programme in the Palestinian refugee camp of Burj Barajneh in Beirut, Lebanon.

The report is available here.


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