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Following a very well attended Annual Conference with well over 100 delegates, the 2012 AGM was held in the context of a funding bid being submitted to Irish Aid and a growing interest in the potential of DSAI as a platform to build engagement between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.

The first item on the agenda was the draft Governance document developed at a previous meeting and debated on the website. With some minor amendments this document was approved by the AGM. It will be revisited at the next AGM to establish if its structures and procedures are robust and serve the democratic development of the DSAI.

The second item on the agenda was the election of the new seven member Steering Committee as per the Governance document. The following were deemed elected:

  • Susan Murphy, TCD
  • Tara Bedi, Trocaire
  • Connell Foley, Concern
  • Calros Bruen, RCSI
  • Peter Mc Evoy, independent
  • Deirdre Healy, Kimmage, Treasurer
  • Ronnie Munck, DCU, Chair

The new committee was empowered to co-opt up to three more members if specific tasks needed to be carried out and suitable people were available.

The third item was the constitution of thematic or task oriented clusters as proposed in the Governance document. These are seen as key to the development of the DSAI and for the active engagement of the membership. Time was running short and we only had time to constitute a Communications & Website cluster and one for Academic/teachers. There already is an active Postgraduate cluster and one is forming around the next Annual Conference.

If you are interested in contributing to these groups or, indeed, forming a new group around a research theme or as functional group please write to:
Professor Ronnie Munck at:

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