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DSAI Seeking New Peer Reviewers

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The Development Studies Association Ireland (DSAI) is looking for new peer reviewers to help us with the publication of our working paper series, policy briefs and other peer reviewed materials published by DSAI.

We offer a brief guide to DSAI peer reviews, an opportunity to put ‘peer reviewer’ on your CV, our eternal gratitude and the satisfaction of seeing a paper in print that you have contributed to.

Ideally we would like you to have PhD level research experience in an International Development theme and time to review at least one paper a year for us on an international development topic.

We will ask you to clarify your areas of expertise and will try to match our papers to our reviewers as well as we can.

If you are interested, please send an email to:  with the word ‘Peer reviewer’ in the title of the email, and a bit about yourself in the email, including a short CV or general description of your previous work and study experience.

The current call will close 5pm Monday 7th February. 

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