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Five minutes with....DSA Ireland Profile of Early Stage Researcher

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We have many postgraduate and early stage DSAI members who are helping to advance development research from various disciplinary angles. To showcase the innovative and exciting research being undertaken by these DSAI members, we will be introducing a postgraduate or early stage researcher each month by asking them five questions that give an insight into their research experiences. This month, we asked Sol Moure about her research. Sol is a MSc candidate in Development Practice at Trinity College Dublin/University College Dublin.



How did you get into development research?

My interest for development comes from a lifelong immersion in poor and marginalized contexts and parents who worked in community development all their lives, allowing me to grow up sharing the many difficulties of the most disadvantaged and learning from an early age the very rewarding small achievements and great challenges of development work.

Later in life I decided to make development not only my passion but my profession and started studying a master in Development

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