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Responding to COVID-19: Call for Opinion Pieces

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Call for Opinion Pieces: The impact of COVID on the developing world, approaches to contain it and offset its impacts.

The COVID crisis has demonstrated the intense nature of inter-connectedness and interdependence around the world. However, responses, to-date, have been primarily at a national level.

China and developed countries have invested substantial resources to tackle the spread of the epidemic. It is now also spreading rapidly in the Global South, putting already stressed health, social and care systems and socio-economic policies, like benefit policies, under further strain. This raises questions such as:

  • How can health policies, systems and societies cope?
  • How can social care systems engage with the scale of the need?
  • How can the socio-economically vulnerable deal with such a complete contraction of policy services?
  • How will this impact international development policies?
  • What will be the economic impacts and how can these be minimised and offset?
  • What are the broader lessons for the ways in which we organize global governance and national societies?

The Development Studies Association of Ireland has set up a COVID19 resource section as a space for pooling and sharing knowledge.
We will publish short opinion pieces on our website about the impacts of the corona virus on the Global South, and how it can be most effectively contained, rolled-back and its impacts mitigated.  We welcome contributions from single and multi-disciplinary perspectives. 

Opinion pieces should be 500-1,000 words and include the author’s name and contact details for correspondence. You should also include the name, title, affiliations and a short bio about yourself (max 50 words) to accompany publication. Submitted pieces will be subject to review before a decision is made on publication. Opinion pieces should be sent as attachment to and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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