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Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review Issue 32

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The theme of Issue 32 is ‘Development Education and Transnationalism’ which considers some of the social, economic and political connections between people, places and institutions across the world. 

As Guest Editor, La Salete Coelho, suggests this is a timely theme ‘as the world has never before been so interconnected and so interdependent’.  She suggests that:

“To the countless challenges that humanity has been facing together in recent years 2020 added others such as spikes in racism and the global response of the Black Lives Matter movement, the toppling of memorials linked to colonialism, and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, worsening pre-existing inequalities and creating new ones”.

Some of these urgent, global challenges are considered in this issue including: contemporary slavery; migration; the media’s marginalisation of African countries; climate change; and NGO public engagement strategies.  The COVID-19 pandemic is inevitably prevalent in this issue, particularly in an article about the use of ‘collective memory work in development education’.

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Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review Issue 32: “Development Education and Transnationalism”

(Linked Articles below of download full PDF here)

Development Education and Transnationalism

La Salete Coelho


 Addressing the Complexity of Contemporary Slavery: Towards a Critical Framework for Educators

Chris O’Connell, Benjamin Mallon, Caitriona Ní Cassaithe and Maria Barry

NGO Representations Versus Mediation: A Learner Centred Approach to Public Understanding About Global Development

Son Gyoh

Global Education and Migration in a Changing European Union

Romina De Angelis

Using Collective Memory Work in Development Education

Nita Mishra, Jenny Onyx and Trees McCormick


Decolonising the Media: Counting Out Africa’s Presidential Elections

Peadar King

Why 2021 is Humanity’s Make or Break Moment on Climate Breakdown

Laurie MacFarlane

Open Veins of Latin America: A Re-Appraisal Fifty Years On

Stephen McCloskey


What the US Election Means for the Middle-East and North Africa

Walid El-Houri


Ecopedagogy: Critical Environmental Teaching for Planetary Justice and Global Sustainable Development

Review by Douglas Bourn

Participatory Research Capabilities and Epistemic Justice: A Transformative Agenda for Higher Education

Review by Su-ming Khoo

Critical School Geography

Review by Susan Gallwey

The Interest: How the British Establishment Resisted the Abolition of Slavery

Review by Neil Alldred

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