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Global Health Exchange Conference



The Irish Forum for Global Health (IFGH) will co-host this year’s Global Health Exchange Conference with the HSE, Oxfam Ireland and Dublin City University. The conference is being held under the theme: Reaching the furthest behind first: addressing gender and other inequalities to meet the SDGs

When: September 12th 2019

Where: Dublin City University



The Irish Forum for Global Health is committed to Reaching the Furthest Behind First. In the current context of major global challenges such as climate change, increasing urbanization and air pollution, conflict and humanitarian disasters, displacement and forced migration, rising malnutrition levels globally, population growth and rising inequalities, IFGH’s annual theme for 2019 is: Equity, health and the SDGs.

A central thread throughout the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is: leaving no-one behind. Yet, little more than two years after they came into effect, the UN SDG 2018 report states ‘Progress to ensure that no-one is left behind has not been rapid enough to meet the targets of the 2030 agenda and this necessitates immediate and accelerated action by the countries and stakeholders at all levels’.

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