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Call for Papers: Elgar uses in Entrepreneurship Series

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We are thrilled to announce a call for papers for an upcoming publication titled “Case studies in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship: Exploring Frontiers in Poverty, Gender and Market Dynamics”, aimed at exploring the intersections of entrepreneurship, microfinance, and socio-economic changes. The collection will enrich the research and educational landscape for scholars, instructors, and students in the field of entrepreneurship. This
initiative seeks to assemble a collection of case studies that not only serve as an essential toolkit for researchers and classrooms but also engage students with real-world scenarios that reflect the current state and challenges of entrepreneurship.

Themes and Research Areas:
We invite case contributions that explore innovative and cutting-edge themes within the
spheres of microfinance and entrepreneurship, with a special emphasis on:
Emerging Trends in Microfinance:
Innovative models for sustainability, e-commerce ventures, the gig economy and technology’s role in transforming microfinance.
Entrepreneurship at the Margins:
Case studies focusing on how entrepreneurship affects and is affected by marginalised communities, including critical analyses of poverty and gender disparities.
Critique of Neoliberal Approaches:
Examination of market-based strategies, with insights into their implications for entrepreneurs and communities at the grass-root level.
Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship:
Exploration of business models that balance profitability with social impact, including ventures that challenge traditional approaches and contribute to social and environmental objectives.

Submission Guidelines for Abstracts:
1) Please submit an abstract (approx. 300 words)
2) Abstracts must include information on the study background, focusing on its relevance
to microfinance and entrepreneurship, and clearly state the objectives.
3) It must describe the case and details about methodology, highlighting key insights and
theoretical implications.

Submit your abstract via this link 

Submission Timeline:
Please submit an abstract outlining your proposed paper/case study, including its relevance to the above themes, by 5th August 2024. Submissions must be made via this MS form in the required format.

A hybrid paper development workshop is planned at the University College Dublin,
Ireland for 27th and 28th November 2024.

Full paper submissions (approx. 5,000 words) will be due by 5th August 2025. The full
case study should include:
i) Abstract (approx. 100-150 words) and up to 6 keywords, and teaching level
ii) Learning objectives (3-5 bulleted statements)
iii) 3-5 Discussion questions at the end
iv) References and further reading
v) Teaching notes (separate from the case and not more than 1500 words) to guide
classroom use of case.

Why Contribute?
Your contribution will be instrumental in shaping a valuable resource that addresses the urgent need for relevant, real-world examples in entrepreneurship education. This book will not only serve as a stand-alone reference but also enrich the digital academic and management resources collection, allowing researchers and instructors to select the most pertinent cases for their work or curriculum.

Contact Information:
For more information or to discuss potential contributions, please contact Rashmi Arora

r Supriya Garikipati



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