Summer School 2022 Programme


Full Programme

Day 1 - Tuesday 31st May 2022

Where: Online via MS Teams (a link will be sent to participants in advance)

When: 09:30-13:00


Welcome and Introductions Watch now

  • Prof. Vincent Cunnane - President, Technological University Shannon (TUS)
  • Dr Nita Mishra - Chairperson of DSAI
  • Dr Maura Clancy – Dean of Faculty, TUS
  • Dr Catherine Corcoran – Chairperson, TUS
10:00-13:00Guest Speakers 
10:00-10:45Researching and ‘measuring’ sustainability through the perspective of local lives Watch now
Dr Mark Garavan, Atlantic Technological University

Researching sexual wellbeing together with young co-researchers – insights from the study ‘Say it out loud – sexual wellbeing matters’ Watch now

Dr Lucia Rost, Head of Research at PLAN International

11:30-12:15Nutrition and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Watch now
Dr Stephanie Wrottesley, ENN
12:15-13:00Graduating from Poverty in Malawi Watch now
Thokozani Kalanje, CONCERN Worldwide
13:00Lunch Break 
14:00-15:30Breakout Sessions - Participants will choose one of the following topics: 
 Gender Panel Watch now
This panel will address key issues regarding the gendered dimensions of development focussing on Pakistan and Ghana and Research in a Conflict Situation
  • Sarah Zipp, University of Stirling
  • Aneeqa Malik, Trans4m Communiversity Associates (TCA) co-founder
  • Zahbia Yousuf
The Hardware of the SDGs Watch now
This panel will look at Health in Nepal, Water and Renewable Energy in other African countries.
  • Dickson Boateng, University of Limerick
  • Frank Houghton, TUS
  • Dr Josephine Treacy, TUS
15:30-16:15Plenary Sessions 

Migrants Rights and Refugee Rights in Ireland Watch now
Dr Yomi Ogunsanya and Dr Carol Ballantine

Moderator: Dr Carole Wrenn, TUS

16:15-16:30Wrap Up - Catherine Corcoran, TUS 


Day 2 - Wednesday 1st June

Where:This second day of the Programme will take place ‘live and in-person’ in Thurles. 

When: Participants should arrive at 9.30 for a 10 am start.


Registration and Coffee


Plenary Session

Conference Centre


Welcome and Introductions

Mr Seamus Hoyne, Dean, Flexible and Work Based Learning, TUS
Participants will be introduced to the purpose of the day which is to work as an active member of a team in order to advise on development policy based on the SDGs.

10:00-10:30The transition to the 2015 agreement of the UN SDGs and the framework of the "Wedding Cake Model"
Clifford Guest, Lecturer Sustainable Development, TUS

Breakout Sessions

Participants will break into four groups and each will explore the core problem of incorporating the SDGs into their own work. This will happen with the assistance of an experienced facilitator who will be available throughout the day to guide the process. Each group will be encouraged to move out of their normal, sectoral silos and will be challenged to incorporate new and unexplored SDGs into their own research.

Participants may interested in the publication Groupwork in Higher Education: A Practitioner's Guide as a particular methodology that is used throughout TUS.

13:00Lunch Break 
14:00-15:00Continuation of Breakout Sessions  

Group Presentations

Conference Centre

Each workshop will present their findings to the group 


Capstone Speaker and Closing Remarks

Prof. Tom Collins, Educational Policy Analyst

Dr Maura Clancy, TUS

Mr Ciaran Lynch,  Community Engagement Partners Limited

Dr Catherine Corcoran, TUS and Dr Nisha Mishra, Chairperson DSAI