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June 2020 CSSG Coping strategies of NGOs during Covid19

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Discussion Document from CSSG Webinar held 29.06.20

The Civil Society Study Group held its 2nd webinar on Coping Strategies of NGOs during Covid-19. Speakers included Megna Sundar, Student Volunteer in Peace Corp, Georgia and post graduate student at the University of Chicago, Anuradha Mohanty, Director at People’s Cultural Centre (PECUC-Odisha), India, Le Van Son, PhD Student and Director at Gender, Family, and Community Development (GFCD-HaNoi), Vietnam, Newton Zulu of Alms Ovc Centre Vision (Ndola), Zambia, and Samuel Blesson, PhD Student and Head of Emergency Relief at World Vision India. The Chair and Moderator was Dr Ibrahim Natil of Dublin City University and the host was Dr Nita Mishra, University College Cork.

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