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Conflict, Hunger and Resilience-Building in South Sudan

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Humanitarian Action Study Group member Caitriona Dowd shares a briefing from a recent workshop exploring conflict, hunger and humanitarian resilience in South Sudan. The resource synthesises key points from a stakeholder roundtable bringing together international and national policymakers, researchers and humanitarian actors to support a better understanding of recent changes in peace, conflict and humanitarian needs in the country. The event particularly focused on recent changes in the security context; the role of hunger and food crisis in ongoing conflict and peacebuilding initiatives; and implications for reducing humanitarian needs across humanitarian, policy and research actors.

The event was coordinated under The Network for Innovative Resilience-Building in South Sudan which brings together researchers, humanitarian practitioners, peacebuilding specialists and policymakers with the aim of contributing to reduced humanitarian need, strengthened resilience and conditions for durable, inclusive peace in South Sudan.

The Network includes members from the Institute for Security Studies (ISS Africa), Dublin City University and Concern Worldwide. It is supported by a New Foundations grant from the Irish Research Council and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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