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Linking the local with the global: Ireland-based CSOs address development issues

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This Civil Society Study Group workshop was held on February 19 2020. The purpose of the workshop was:

  • to consider examples and evidence of good practice from Ireland-based civil society organisation sector which can be used globally to showcase types of local community-led engagement in climate action, poverty and migration issues and
  • to bring the One World One Future vision of Irish Aid into conversation with CSOs in Ireland.

Speakers were from Dundrum Climate Vigil, Welcome Café, Basic Income Ireland, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), AkiDwa and moderators were Dr Laurence Cox, Associate Professor of Sociology at Maynooth, and Dr Galia Chiamak, Associate Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Thanks to Ami Matsutani for volunteering time to the videography of the event, capturing a snapshot of the discussions and making this space for dialogue available for sharing with a wider audience.

Find out more about the Civil Society Study Group here.

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