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Researchers Statistics

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This study had two main aims:

  1. to more fully understand development researchers and their areas of interest and research outputs.
  2. to provide support, recognition and opportunities for connection between development researchers.

Consequently this study has produced two main outputs:

  1. We now have, for the first time, an overview of the nature and size of the current Irish development research community based on actual data which includes not only the numbers of people involved in development research but also the areas of interest of their research.
  2. The researcher profiles now make up a Development Researchers Database which is now live. Researchers can complete and submit the questionnaire available here to be included in the database and/or update or edit their information at any time.

This mapping study was undertaken by Kimmage Development Studies Centre during the May - September 2014 on behalf of DSA Ireland and the Research Database will be managed by DSA Ireland going forward.

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