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Winner Robert Chambers Award 2017

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Winner of DSAI Robert Chambers Award 2017

Author: Dr. Ibrahim Natil, Institute for International Conflict and Reconstruction, Dublin City University 

This paper discusses the approach of international NGOs’ of women’s engagement in community peacebuilding in Libya and the Palestinian Occupied Territories. In both countries, women have been subject to various cycle of violence. They remain the most marginalised groups that face domestic and political violence as a serious threat to both their civic engagement and community participation. It also examines the relationship between INGOs and women leaders of NGOs to eliminate the phenomenon of domestic violence against women. The researcher uses a number of tools to collect data and enrich his arguments by interviewing a number of women civil society activists and reviewed the existed literature. The researcher also uses own professional experiences and participatory observation while involved in the leadership of civil society and peacebuilding activities to enrich the debate as well. 

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