DSAI Conference 2017

Development through Rights: Theory, Policy and Practice in a Changing International Context


When:  November 2017

Where: Education & Research Centre,  Our Lady's Hospice, Harolds Cross, Dublin


Keynote Speakers:

“Why a human rights based approach is essential to sustainable development: the link between human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals”

Andrew Gilmour, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Andrew Gilmour of the United Kingdom assumed his functions as Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights on 1 October 2016, heading OHCHR’s Office in New York. In October 2016, Mr. Gilmour was designated by the Secretary-General as senior official to lead the efforts within     the UN system to address  intimidation and reprisals against those cooperating with the UN on human rights.  In his previous position, which he     held since 2012, as Director for Political, Peacekeeping, Humanitarian and Human Rights affairs in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, Mr. Gilmour was responsible for spearheading the implementation of the Human Rights Up Front initiative .

Since joining the United Nations in 1989, he has held a variety of positions both at the United Nations Headquarters and in the field, including in Afghanistan-Pakistan, Kosovo, Middle East and West Africa.  In recent years, he has served as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq, and in South Sudan and was the Representative of the Secretary-General in Belgrade. Before joining the United Nations, Mr. Gilmour was an adjunct fellow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., and worked in the fields of politics and journalism.  He has contributed articles for a wide range of publications throughout his career. 

He holds master’s degrees from Oxford University in History and also the London School of Economics in History and Government. Mr. Gilmour, who is Scottish, was born in 1964. He is married with four children.


"Realising rights for people with disabilities globally: exploring double and triple discrimination based on intersecting identities"

Dr. Mary Keogh, Senior Advisor on Disability and Gender Equality, CBM International

Dr Mary Keogh has worked for over 15 years at an international level on disability rights and international  development. She completed her doctorate in 2014 at the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUIG. Her research focus was a comparative analysis of how the US, Finland and Australia mainstream disability in their development aid programmes. She  currently works with CBM International as Senior Advisor on Disability and Gender Equality.

Prior to this,  Dr. Keogh worked with CBM Australia as Inclusive Development Advisor and CBM Ireland. She also worked with the International Disability Rights Monitor (IDRM), where she was the coordinator of the IDRM European regional   report and authored the Irish report. She has also written reports for the UN on inclusive development and most recently contributed to the development of the CRPD committee general comment on women and girls with disabilities.

Dr. Keogh has authored a publication on: How to make international development disability inclusive , and is a co-author of Inclusion Counts - The Economic Case for Disability-Inclusive Development . Dr. Keogh is the former chair of the Dochas Working Group on Disability and International Development. The working group has been in existence for over 10 years and seeks to influence the Irish government and also Irish development and humanitarian organisations to ensure persons with disabilities are included in Ireland's overseas aid commitments. Her research interests are intersectionality and gender and disability.


Invited Speaker

"Development through rights: unicorns, passing ships or the possible democratic politics of socioeconomic rights"

 Dr. Su-ming Khoo, School of Political Science and Sociology, National University of Ireland, Galway.