Climate and Development


DSAI Study Groups are an opportunity for members to link with those who have an interest in the same research area in international development. This newly initiated study group for Climate and Development (C&D) is to continue this mission and bring together researchers, professionals and other relevant interested parties to enter a dialogue and share their ideas relating to this area of prominent scholarship and practice. The aim of the C&D study group is to collaborate on an inter-varsity and multi-disciplinary level to increase engagement, awareness and output.

In an era when the area which humankind is occupying is both expanding (outer space) and eroding (island states) simultaneously, this study group addresses a number of  issues concerning climate and development.  The DSAI C&D study group will focus on varying issues and concerns facing the world and beyond. Presently, the scope of the C&D study group is to research, investigate, promote and increase awareness to the prevalent issues relating to climate and development. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The Anthropocene
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Refugees / Statelessness
  • Island States
  • Indigenous Peoples & Minority Groups
  • Solastalgia
  • Natural Disasters
  • Sustainable Development
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Outer Space

Participants from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds are welcomed to be involved, and th study group intends to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach to dialogue of this important topic and in order to address the issue holistically.

This group is co-Convened by Judith Randel and Tony German.  Any queries can be sent directly to Additionally, if you wish to become a member of this study group please send an email to the above with a short biography and briefly outline your interest in being part of the group.


Judith Randel