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What does DSAI offer Postgraduate Students?

DSAI membership entitles postgraduate students access to networking with like-minded people and well-established actors across international development issues, from academics and researchers to NGOs and activists. Membership is free. You can join here.

Recent News and Events from the Postgraduate Network:

DSAI currently runs nine Study Groups: Civil Society: Child Health; Education; Gender; Humanitarian; Nutrition; Business and Development, Climate and Development and Adaptive Programming. Through these Study Groups, postgraduate members can link with those who have an interest in the same research area in international development.

The DSAI newsletter and website offer postgraduate students opportunities to disseminate their findings and promote their publications, as well as access support and feedback on their ongoing research.


  • Connect with peers and senior academics in Ireland

  • Get known by publishing your profile to our website

  • Stay abreast of current trends in your area through joining one of our study groups


  • Link with a country-wide postgraduate network

  • Attend the annual conference at a reduced rate

  • Receive invitations to special talks and other events


  • Attend seminars and summer schools

  • Develop and hone skills through connections with experts

  • Attend targeted research events in priority areas


  • Make your work relevant to policy makers

  • Take advantage of publishing opportunities available through DSAI

  • Sharpen your communication and presentation skills

What is the DSAI Postgraduate Network?

The DSAI Postgraduate Network actively seeks to support and promote postgraduate students' skills, experience and networks, and get the most out of DSAI.

You automatically become a member of the Postgraduate Network upon joining DSAI – you don’t have to do anything! There is a designated Postgraduate Representative on the DSAI Steering Committee who will ensure you hear promptly about upcoming events at DSAI – and to ensure there are always special opportunities and rates for postgraduate students!

DSAI also encourages postgraduate members to request tailored events and workshops, from trainings to talks by invited speakers. So do ask for what would be useful to you, and reach out to us if you need any connections in the development field in Ireland!


In 2013, the original ‘Postgraduate Researchers Working Group’ was formed at DSA Ireland Postgraduate Research Workshop in order to support postgraduate interests within DSA Ireland and grow the membership of postgraduate students within DSA Ireland.

The Postgraduate Network is made up of students from across different institutions and research interests. The Network does not necessarily focus on a particular research area but instead provides a venue for enhancing postgraduate engagement with DSA Ireland and for promoting communication and opportunities across a wider postgraduate network. Members of this group have been involved in several initiatives, including organising a half-day DSAI-TIDI-TCD event hosted as part of TIDI Development Research Week 2013.


DSAI Postgraduate Network Activities and Achievements

To join this study group, please contact the Postgraduate Network representative at postgrad@dsaireland.org

The Postgraduate Network is currently co-convened by representatives Mr. Keitumetse Mabole and Ms. Eimear Stuart. 


Keitumetse Mabole   Postgraduate Representative

Eimear Stewart   Postgraduate Representative

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